This exciting  weekly radio broadcast airs on 1300 AM [KSYB]. The broadcast will feature “A Conversation on Race in America”. Each week a thought-provoking topic that focuses on race relations and concerns will be presented. This half-hour broadcast will air live each Thursday from
5:30 pm to 6:00 pm beginning November 7, 2013.

Radio station KSYB {1300 AM} broadcasts across northwest Louisiana, east Texas and southwest Arkansas. This station also streams live on the World Wide Web Internet [www.amistadradiogroup.com] This station currently has a listening audience of over three million persons on the internet.

  • What is it?  A weekly presentation of provocative topics related to race relations in America.

  • Why is it? To induce people to have conversations about race relations in America for seven days until the next topic is presented.


  • How will it happen?  A thirty-minute weekly radio broadcast that also streams live over the internet.


  • Who will do it?  {Dr. Robert C. Hudson} A man who has lived under both the laws of segregation in the Deep South of America and the laws of integration in the Midwest, West, and Deep South of America.


  • When will it happen?  It will begin the fourth quarter of 2013.


KSYB Live Broadcast click here